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A selection of images from places of historical or other interest I have visited within Spain. Italica Santiponce, in the village of Santiponce lies one of the most important and largest Roman ruins in the whole of Spain. The Roman city of Italica demonstrates wonderful examples of Roman architecture, mosaic work and city layouts. Bobastro. This church was the highlight of the ancient village, it is cut directly out of the rock. Its primative structure can still be seen as three sections separated by horseshoe shaped arches.
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Italica Corner Steps
Italica Arena 2
Italica Bird Mosaic 2
Italica Bird Mosaic
Italica Mosaic Floor
Roman Theatre 2 Santiponce
Roman Theatre 3 Santiponce
Surprise in the Rock Sept
Surprise in the Rock 5 Sept
Surprise in the Rock 3 Sept